@iansomerhalder: Shooting #VampireDiaries Season 6 Promo material on a Sunday afternoon in Atlanta with these familiar faces-This is all because of you all. If you didn’t watch this wouldn’t happen… Thank you to all of the fans aka our audience.

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favorite song moments

3.14 Dangerous Liaisons ♔ Devotion (11/∞)

↳When all the love has gone away and passion stares me in the face, could I walk away?

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Choice TV Actor-Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Ian Somerhalder

Choice TV Actress-Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Nina Dobrev

Choice TV Villian: Paul Wesley

Choice TV Show -Fantasy/Sci-Fi: The Vampire Diaries

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Ian takes a picture of Nina during the The Vampire Diaries Panel at Comic Con

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Kat Graham for Esquire Czech Republic

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Ian Somerhalder accepts the Best Threesome award on behalf of him, Paul, and Nina at the Young Hollywood Awards 2014 (July 27)
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5 favourite songs of season 5 (as voted by my followers)

4. Do I wanna know - Arctic Monkeys (5x17)

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Damon Salvatore + Thirst

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Delena rewatch meme: 6 parallels.

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damon and elena + lights

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"The worst day of loving someone is the day you lose them"

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